My Husband sets an alarm and never wakes up.


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So it really annoys me. I usually wake up at 7:15am every morning. And i set my alarm for the same time. My husband on the other hand sets alarm for 6:45am for some reason and the second alarm at 7am and he never wakes up. Each morning I wake up because of his alarm going on and I tell him to switch it off and then he goes back to sleep but its hard for me to go back to sleep. I know waking up half an hour before my time is no big deal but I guess even an extra 5 mins would fresh me up each morning. And he never gets it. i have no idea why he does that, Sometimes it feels like he does it to annoy me sigh … Anyone else has a similar story?

How do I deal with bullying in my sons school


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So last night after I cam back from my University, my 8 yrs old son comes up to me and says that I should be proud of him. I said for what. And he brought his School agenda with his class teachers note on it. The note read that a kid in my sons school punched my son on his nose and my son did the right thing as he did not fight back, and that the school was dealing with that kid.

How do I respond to that. My son said the kid along with his brother punched him and his nose started to bleed. I just didn’t know what to say to my son. I was angry at the kid who punched my son. I know that my son did not fight back and that was a good thing and so did his teacher say, but then usually kids who get bullied don’t say anything or don’t fight back and thus they get more bullied.

As a kid I remembered this girl who use to bully everyone including myself. I always stood for my rights and never feared her. I showed her that I am not scared of her. That same girl is a sweetest girl that I know now. I don’t understand why do bullies do what they do and how to stop such acts. The more scared you are the more you will get bullied. I think you should let no one bully you. Back in my days bullying was not harming anyone physically. These days bullying is bad. It scares me specially when there are cases like Amanda Todd. Or I do recall there was a case where bunch of kids murdered this girl with hammer or something.

Changing school is not an option as well. It is hard for kids to adjust in new environment with new class mates and I think chances are you will get more bullied as there will be no one to back you up. As a new student you will have no friends right away.

What are your thoughts on it?

It is sad when 2 of your friends are fighting

I have these 2 amazing friends at University. Lets call them Sandra and Ashley. Love them to bits.

They had to submit an assignment today by 3:30pm. This was a group assignment and they both were working together on this assignment. They were all done and 10 mins before the assignment was due Ashley wanted to print the title page in color. Inspite of Sandra telling her that they will be late in class and the professor will get upset or may deduct marks Ashley still went ahead with colorr printing their title page. They did get late and submitted their assignment 10 mins late (as they were 10 mins late to class). As a penalty the professor deducted 25% of their assignment marks – meaning the assignment was for 20% of the final marks and they will now be marked out of 15% instead of 20%.

Sandra was so upset that she stopped talking to Ashley saying that its all because of Ashley that they lost 25% of marks. Ashley was not only upset that they lost the marks but also because Sandra was upset with her.

So now they both tell me what happened. I spoke to Sandra privately and told her what is done is done now and she cant loose a friend over this issue. Sandra was so upset stating how Ashley is irresponsible and not serious about her studies and keeps on texting her boyfriend and she did not even care about Sandra. Sandra said she fears that she will fail the course. I explained to her that 25% of 20% means only 5% of the final marks and that being a smart student there is no way that she will fail.. Sandra was extremely pissed off.

On the other hand Ashley knew it was her fault but she was now starting to get pissed off at Sandra stating that she did what she did unintentionally and if Sandra lost marks so did she. I told her to just relax and intentionally or not it was due to her that they lost the marks so just listen to what Sandra is saying.

I also adviced them both to write an email to professor apologizing for late submission and told them it should be strictly apologizing email and they shouldnt try and ask to get their marks back.

Sandra did what i told her.. emailed professor strictly acknowledging their mistake and apologizing. On the other hand Ashley apologized but included a line requesting prof to reconsider penalty lol… my dear Ashley … I guess Professor got pissed off at this. I am sure Sandra is still not aware of what Ashley wrote to prof. Finally Sandra and Ashley are talking again and hopefully things will be normal between them.

I seriously hate to see them both fight as they both are very dear to me. I adviced them not to take 100% courses together to maintain their friendship. I guess taking all classes with your friends makes you too much in their face and vice versa… I dont have a single class with them both thus I have no issues of group work or grades..

I just hope they dont keep any grudges in them….

Thanks for reading and do share your thoughts 😀

Hello world!

Hello World
I do have a Facebook account but truly i do not want to lay out my heart there. Why? Because there are so many unwanted people added on my Facebook list, with whom I have to be very careful with. They can judge me in a matter of few seconds. So i decided I will start a blog, where I can make unknown friends, can discuss various topics… just lay my heart out without being judged… sometimes its better to share stuff with strangers than your own relatives or friends…

To start with I am mother of 2. Sahil is 8 years old and Sanam is 5 years old…
I am a working lady and at the same time I go to university as well. Trying to do Accounting major which i absolutely hate. I dont even know why i am doing it. I never liked school but I guess its not a good thing to say. I love to cook and i hate cleaning… Sometimes I just wish i was born in some royal family lol… anyways… more to come.. please feel free to post or share stuff here